The Fisher Dash will start at 1:00 this year
to allow for 3 groups!

1:00p.m. Teachers & Students walk outside to "track"
All go to appropriate median location where grade sign is located
1:10p.m. 4th & 5th grades line up at start
Top Earning Student in 4th & 5th
Top Classroom carries the flag for first lap
1:15p.m. 4th & 5th DASH BEGINS / K-3 cheer on runners from median
1:30p.m. DASH ENDS for 4th & 5th move to median
  • 2-3 walk out to start line
1:35p.m. 2nd & 3rd DASH BEGINS / K, 1 and 4, 5 cheer on runners from median
1:50p.m. DASH ENDS for 2nd & 3rd move to median
  • K & 1st walk out to start line
1:55p.m. K & 1st DASH BEGINS / 2-5 cheer on runners from median
2:10p.m. DASH ENDS for K & 1st
2:15p.m. Final lap for ALL students and teachers WALKING
2:25p.m. Final lap ends
2:30p.m. Final announcements
2:35p.m. Students line up w/ teachers and go back inside school to prepare for dismissal

***The DJ will announce appropriate transitions at the times listed above